Child's hands holding up paper cut-outs of family members, mother's hands holding up a paper cut-out of a house

About the History of Our Real Estate Firm

Neighborhood Realty is devoted to providing outstanding care to our clients by establishing comfort and confidence in home ownership and enhance the quality of life through active community involvement.

Neighborhood Realty is a professional, educated and personable real estate firm in Central Minnesota. We are invested in our area. As you read through our agent profiles, you can see that we live, work and invest our time back into our communities.

Neighborhood Realty began with a conversation, while commuting back from the Twin Cities, between Carol Evens and her husband, Duane. Carol had left her position at Ben Franklin in Sauk Centre to pursue a dream of selling real estate. At that time, she got her real estate salesperson licensed and worked for Coldwell Banker. Carol's foundation for working with people in real estate transactions was different than Coldwell Banker's, so she set out on her own and started Neighborhood Realty.

Neal Leagjeld had been around a real estate firm's environment from the time he was a small boy. In early 2016, Neal knew it was time to leave his current Brokerage and set up shop to follow his own mentality towards agents and community. Carol and Neal have closed some transactions together and knew how each other handled situations and their own business; with a high level of professionalism and ethical standards.

In late 2015, Neal had reached out to Carol to see if she would be willing to back up any showings if Neal was unable to attend, as Neal and Rhonda were expecting their 3rd child. However, Carol had retired from real estate and was no longer licensed. When it was time for Neal to open the doors to his new company, he contacted Carol to see if she and Duane would be willing to allow him to adopt the Neighborhood Realty name.

As it started, Neal Leagjeld and Ryan Sorenson were the original two agents. Neighborhood Realty would be different in focusing on the quality of a real estate agent, not the quantity. The expectation of all the agents is to focus on the best interest of our clients and keeping updated with changes in all fields of real estate to provide a high level of service.